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Shanghai Line 16

The vehicle for Shanghai metro line 16 adopts a 3 cars formation in which the end class is semi-powered and the middle car is a motor car. 1500V third rail current collection, pantograph and battery current collection modes are used. The highest operation speed of this Type A metro is 120km/h. The vehicle adopts light weight design. The under-frame uses monobloc bearing structure without middle beam. It adopts a large hollow extrusion aluminum profile. 

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  • METRO Shanghai.png

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    • METRO Shanghai.png

    • METRO Shanghai.png


    Current collection 


    DC 1 500V

    (Mainline) Third rail, (in 

    shed) overhead caternary

    Train configuration-Tmc+M+Tmc-
    Length71 600 mm
    Width3 000 mm
    Floor height1 130 mm
    Wheelbase2 500 mm
    Axle load16 t
    Passenger capacity1 218 people

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