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    CRRC ZELC has successfully constructed China's first medium and low-speed local transit maglev.

Metro in India

Considering the line conditions of “New Delhi - Gurgaon”, RMGL metro adopts current guiderail to reduce electromagnetic radiation and operation noise. Moreover, each car saves 20,000 kW/h per year compared to traditional metro thanks to the light aluminum alloy material with high strength and corrosion resistance and intelligent air-conditioning system. Each trainset is able to carry 1010 passengers at maximum, and the operating speed is 80km/h.

We have signed contracts for 20 subway trains for the subway in Gurgaon near Delhi and the New Mumbai Metro line. For maintenance services in the first 4S shop in South Asia, we have established a branch in Mumbai. 

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    Current collectionDC 750 Third rail
    Train configuration-DMC+TC+DMC-
    Length59 940 mm
    Width2 800 mm

    Floor height 

    above ToR

    1 130 mm
    Wheelbase2 300 mm
    Axle load15 t
    Passenger capacity800 people

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