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    CRRC ZELC has successfully constructed China's first medium and low-speed local transit maglev.

5-Module Ultra-Capacitor Tram

The tram is independently developed float modules train, featuring bogies of independent wheels, hybrid power supply system with ultra-capacitor and battery, aluminium-steel riveted drum-like carbody etc. The localization rate is more than 90%. The tram uses 5-module formation. Maximum running speed is 70 km/h and maximum passenger capacity is 380 persons.

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    Power supply mode

    Ultra-Capacitor + lithium 

    titanate battery hybrid 

    energy storage system

    Current collection through 

    roof cartenary at the station. 

    No catenary exists in 

    the section.

    Length33 950 mm
    Width2 650 mm
    Max. axle load  12,5 t
    Max. running speed70 km/h

    Passenger capacity 


    56 / 308 / 380 people

    Height of floor 

    above ToR

    350 mm
    Clear height of saloon225 mm

    Average acceleration


    ≥ 0,7 m/s2

    Deceleration at 

    service brake 


    ≥ 1,1 m/s2

    Deceleration at 

    emergency brake 


    ≥ 2,8 m/s2

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