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    CRRC ZELC has successfully constructed China's first medium and low-speed local transit maglev.

160 km/h Maglev Train

Application of the technology speeds up 100 km/h urban maglev train an existing track. The project adopts short­stator linear molar for traction. lt also innovates key technologies, such as SI (system integration), traction, levitation, current collection, light weight, suspension rack and braking etc. The train has a basic 3-car formation. Maximum running speed is 160km/h and maximum passenger capacity is 500 persons.  

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    Power supply mode

    DC 1500V, powered by 

    third rail, return current 

    by forth rail



    Length of train48 310 mm

    Width of train

    2 800 mm
    Track Gauge1 860 mm

    Max. Speed

    160 km/h

    Passenger capacity

    (AW1 / AW2 / AW3)

    96 / 350 / 500 persons

    Height of floor 

    above ToR

    880 mm

    Clear height of 


    2 100 mm

    Average acceleration 

    (0~160 km/h)

    ≥ 0,4 m/s2

    Deceleration at 

    service brake 


    ≥ 0,8 m/s2

    Deceleration at 

    emergency brake

    (160~0 km/h)

    ≥ 1,0 m/s2
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